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   You are your child’s first teacher! I believe that it is extremely important that we, parents and teacher, are working as partners in the education of your child.

     Listed below you will find some wonderful websites.  Please visit the following links for some great ideas and information to use with your child and family.

     Some new sites have been added for you.  take a look at them and see what might be useful to you.

     If you come across any good parent websites, please forward them to me and I will check them out and see about adding them to this site. Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education!


• 10 Ways to Inspire Learning

Encourage your child’s thirst for knowledge, both inside and outside of school.

 Know Your Child’s Nature
Understand what makes him tick to help him succeed in school and life.

• Grade-by-Grade Motivators
Try these tricks for unlocking a love of learning in kindergarten through 5th grade. 

 • The Right Start
The natural excitement of a new school year is a wonderful time to help your child develop motivation.

• No Pressure!
To boost his academic achievement, protect your child from school and homework stress whenever you can.

• Establish Good Homework Habits
Finished without a fight? It can be done!

• 8 Ways to Clean Up Messy Work
Get the chaos under control with these simple solutions.

• Parent Primers
Try these refresher courses to brush up on the basics of key subjects (and learn what’s changed since you were in school).

ABC’s for Parents
Why Can’t I Skip Reading?
Reading Aloud to Children
The ABC’s of Reading
Surfing the Net with Kids
PBS Parents-Talking With Kids
Turn Your Words Into Gold
Family Fun
Brain Connection

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